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Kliin by luci
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orKidia v3 by luci
Kubical by luci
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Landing Orchidia by luci
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Missing sections added – Mozilla apps !

26.05.05, 2409 times read, 0 comment(s)

Written by luci

I was just wondering: No section for Mozilla themes on Skinbase ? Wow ! How could we miss that monster ? So, here you are ! More

Skinbase Favicon Contest!

13.08.03, 1406 times read, 13 comment(s)

Written by luci

We have a new Skinbase contest for you! :) This time it is something really minimal.
Create new favicon icon! (It´s now that little thingy red ball near the Skinbase link in your browser´s favorites.) Read more for some rules and prizes...More

Deviantart - Webby Award 2002

27.06.02, 1024 times read, 1 comment(s)

Written by luci

...and the people´s voice winner is:
<silence duration="terribly long" /> ;)!

Gnome 2.0 released!

27.06.02, 1007 times read, 0 comment(s)

Written by luci

GNOME 2 is the newest version of the complete, free and easy-to-use desktop environment. In addition to basic desktop functionality, it includes a powerful application framework for software developers, with support for object embedding, internationalization and accessibility. GNOME is part of The GNU Project, and is Free Software.
Official press release can be found here:

DivX Player 2.0 alpha for Linux

20.05.02, 1037 times read, 1 comment(s)

Written by luci

Great News! ;) The DivX Player for Linux is built from the same codebase as the Windows version. It performs exactly like its Windows cousin in all respects, and can even use the same skin files. Behold the wonders of cross-platform development. is dead, long live... ?

3.05.02, 1061 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by luci

At the 1st of May the well known in linux community themes and skins dedicated site fused with project. Is it good or bad? More

GKrellM 1.2.11 released

30.03.02, 1013 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by luci

GKrellM for Linux, BSD systems and Solaris is a single process stack of system monitors which supports applying themes (skins) to match its appearance to your window manager, Gtk, or any other theme...More

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